The Deaf In Vietnam . . . Unreached Lives

Meet the Huff Family

Through their work in Vietnam these past many years, Bob and Kathleen and Alex have been moved by all the needs of the deaf. It is their desire to:

Encourage - Educate - Empower



Please Continue to PRAY...

1. For Workers In The Harvest Field!

2. For The People In Vietnam!

3. For The Deaf Of Vietnam!

4. That Partners In Compassion Will Continue To Meet The Physical And
Spiritual Needs Of The Deaf In Vietnam!

5. For Increase In Support For Partners In Compassion Financially!


The deaf in Vietnam are mostly overlooked. They are pitied as unfortunate burdens to society. They have little opportunity to receive education. NONE get
beyond grade five. Eighty percent of the deaf never go to school. Therefore, they are condemned to meager lonely existence without communication, even with
their families. Most do not know that sign language even exist. Many of the young people who come to us for help have gone from being a burden to their families
to where they have become the largest no burden and contributors to their families. Your donation allows us to continue to help some of the most needy and marginalized people the world. We are making a difference in lives of the deaf and many others that God gives us opportunities to serve. Your giving makes a
world of difference! Make Checks Payable Partners In Compassion Mail to P. O. Box 55, Demopolis, AL 36732 or below is secured link for credit cards!