Partners In Compassion - Meeting the Needs of the Deaf in Southeast Asia

The Deaf In Vietnam . . . Unreached Lives

Partners In Compassion
Our Mission

The mission of Partners in Compassion is to meet the needs of the poor and needy of
Southeast Asia by showing acts of compassion which demonstrate Christ's love.

The Deaf Program Is Changing Lives

Through sign language training for the deaf, basic education for the poor, surgical help for the disabled, life care for those who cannot help themselves and vocational training to turn their lives around. We can make a difference together.

Small Surgeries

Many small surgeries such as cleft palettes, club feet or burn scars can be done for $100 or less and completely change a young persons life.

Heart Surgeries
We have many parents, who have exhausted all their own recourses, bring their child into our office. Their fingers and toes are usually blue from
lack of oxygen. They need a $1000 - $2000 surgery and have raised all but $200 or $300. We need a fund from which we can save these
children's lives.

A son is required by Vietnamese tradition to care for his parents. There are, however, many elderly women, with no children, who are on the streets trying to survive on their own. We need a fund to support a compassion program for them.

Girls ( Second in line)
Girls, many times get the leftovers.  If there is only enough money to educate one child it is the girl that doesn't get to go to school. Sometime there is not enough to feed, cloth, or educate girl or boy. We have a care program that helps these in extreme need. You can be a part of that program.

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The deaf in Vietnam are mostly overlooked. They are pitied as unfortunate burdens to society. They have little opportunity to receive education. NONE get
beyond grade five. Eighty percent of the deaf never go to school. Therefore, they are condemned to meager lonely existence without communication, even with
their families. Most do not know that sign language even exist. Many of the young people who come to us for help have gone from being a burden to their families
to where they have become the largest no burden and contributors to their families. Your donation allows us to continue to help some of the most needy and marginalized
people the world. We are making a difference in lives of the deaf and many others that God gives us opportunities to serve. Your giving makes a
world of difference! Make Checks Payable Partners In Compassion Mail to P. O. Box 55, Demopolis, AL 36732 or below is secured link for credit cards!